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Red PandaHotel TerraVina Adopts a Red Panda

We are delighted to have adopted one of the adorable Red Pandas at nearby Marwell Wildlife.

Red Pandas are currently listed as Vulnerable with less than 10,000 left in the wild and Marwell Wildlife is a charity dedicated to the conservation of animals just like this. Would you like to adopt a Red Panda?

The Red Panda is one of the most popular attractions at Marwell Wildlife near Hotel TerraVina partly because of its beautiful colouring; black underparts, a lovely white face with dark stripes from each eye to the corner of the mouth, white ears and long bushy ringed tail. Closely related to the Giant Panda, the Red Panda inhabits the mountainous forest regions of western China, northern Burma, and Nepal, at heights of 2,000 - 4,000 metres where temperatures are cooler.

It feeds mainly on bamboo shoots, grasses, roots, fruit and acorns but occasionally eats eggs, insects, young birds and small rodents. It sleeps high in the branches of the trees during the day, coming down to feed at dawn and dusk.

Red Pandas are very good-natured and it is thought that in the wild they live in family groups. In the spring, the female gives birth to one or two young in a hollow tree or rocky crevice. The young pandas stay close to their mother for the first year and the male pandas take no part in rearing the young.

Adapted from detail on the Marwell Wildlife website

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